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13 January 2017 @ 04:08 pm
A Long Lazy Post  

おひさしぶり LJ!

Just a lazy yet long post to sum up my 2016 and move on to 2017
(even though it's mid January 2017 already :P)
since I've been doing this every end/early of the year.

2010: Caught me off guard
2011: Starting over
2012: FML
2013: Dreams come true
2015: Lalalalala

Let's see...
2016 was basically the continuation of me in Lalaland of 2015 second half.
The only difference was, it was throughout the year, 1 whole year of 2016.
- . -
At least 1st half of 2015 I'd still have things to do.
The good thing of being in Lalaland in 2016 was....
I'm catching up with all my fave stuff that I have left behind since 2012 onwards.
You know things like:
"I used to follow/read/watch/listen to xxx but since I've just started being an 'adult', I rarely have time for that"
Yeah, those bull$h1t.
So in 2016 I immersed myself A LOT with anime/manga/JE/movies/dorama/songs.
Things that I like basically.
Also, to keep up-to-date with 嵐 news, almost everyday.
I was never able to do that before.
It's usually a weekly or twice a month effort for me.
So that was my pure happiness time, being up-to-date.

But then the downside was, I'm getting lazy with rl. lol.
Procastinate. Lazy. and more Lazy.
I was lively and happy when I'm in my online-internet life.
But not so much on offline-actual life. - . -
Career-wise especially, I'm feeling uninspired.
Lack of projects.
I was undisciplined with my work.
Which is sux.

So to sum up my 2016 in general:

2016: Lazy crisis

But hey, despite how I may not really favour 2016 in general,
I still have good times, memories I cherish the most.
One of it was of course, it goes without saying :D
again. :P

Kawaguchiko@April 2016
Staring into the cloudy future lol.
Well, shy shy Fujisan didn't show up, that's what happened.
Not until 4-ish pm and it was only a half view.
but it was still a majestic sight! I will go again someday!
That's how I would sum up my 2016 as well.
くやし too.
Haha. >.<

So Dear 2017,
m(_ _)m
For the greater good of humanity!
For the benefit of mankind!
I shall move forward!

not so lazy now are we? :B

** All gif are not mine. Credit to the rightful owner.
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