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15 September 2016 @ 10:44 am

15th September 1999
15th September 2016
17 years and counting


Here is the only photo I have now in my possession to celebrate this day. - . -"v

I took this photo while were in Hamamatsucho Station back in April this year.
Just like in 2013, Arashi send us off back home from Hamamatsucho Station.
We were otw to Haneda airport at the time.
There were many people getting off from the train at the time so I was a bit shy to stand beside the poster. XD

まあとにかくおめでとうございます! ^^
It's ironic how I called them my happy pills and ジャンジャン!
"Are You Happy?" album was annouced. XD
Well, if it's implying "Are you happy with us?", who wouldn't. :B
Other than that....it's something one will think deeply about lol.

= . =v
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