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06 January 2016 @ 06:59 pm

Maybe should try this finger exercise in the office. :P

Same old ritual every end/early of the year:
2010: Caught me off guard
2011: Starting over
2012: FML
2013: Dreams come true

and as for 2015... let's see:

Laid back?

Okay, cannot decide which best describe my 2015 but the very idea is, it's kinda relaxing maybe? A bit slow pace. I'm not complaining. I'm just telling a fact. coz I know in 2014 I was whining on how my project was a major headache, too fast, too much of pressure, anxious, coffee. Too messy in short.  That was 2014.

Haha but anyway, coming back to listed words, the impression is more appropriate towards the second half of the year of 2015.
First half I'm still utilizing my brain for the other 2 projects though so it was not that slow pace or idle.
and I ain't going to make this sounds negative coz it's not.
I like the fact that I'm quite laid back on 2015, spending quite a quality time with my family. Occasionally with friends.
But the biggest impression would be Lala my cute niece. She's the reason I lost majority of my weekend as I would definitely pay her a visit and chill at my sis's house.

So I guess, I can sum it up as:

2015: Lalalalala


To 2016, よろしく おねがいします!
m(_ _)m

and as usual going to end this post with one of the best memory in 2015 which goes to:-

Kyoto, Japan
18th April 2015 -  22nd April 2015

Yes, I will never get bored.
coz that's what people keep asking me "why, againnn?"

また いきます。まってね! ;)

** credit to rocketnews24.com for the cute Ishihara Satomi gif :D
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