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13 December 2015 @ 12:21 am
Memorable 日本 #11 edition 2015 : Kamogawa River  
触れずとも 魅せられて

This is Kamogawa River.
The hotel that we stayed in Kyoto is located in front of this river.
If you come at the right time, you sould be able to see Sakura trees blooming along the river.
Unfortunately for us, left only 2-3 trees with Sakura on it, but it was still cool. :)

Truthfully, it was not my intention to post about my experience or sorts.
It was 11.50pm, and I was listening to "Akatsuki".
Thus explained the photo and the quote from the song.
for example "fascinated without even touching it" or "..to remember the night"
if I were to translate the last part of the song, it is something about remembering love on that night right?
Not really relevant, I just like the part how we are takling about remembering certain things at night.

Which perfectly reminds me to my dawn/midnight moments here
of enjoying the scenery, sakura, well everything.
including the jokes that my sis and my friends had while we were strolling here :))

How a photo cannot capture and depict everything
which only human mind can.

Appreciating human mind I guess.
Thanks to the *zen mode* I had after listening to "Akatsuki" haha. xD

That's all.

p/s: When rusty brain of mine have to study for an exam.  =_= Nevertheless, がんばりましょうな!

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