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01 November 2015 @ 09:58 pm
Japonism (from the French Japonisme, first used in 1872) is the influence of Japanese art, fashion and aesthetics on Western culture. The term is used particularly to refer to Japanese influence on European art, especially in impressionism.
- Wikipedia

Is what I get when I first google "Japonism". Straight ahead quoted from Wikipedia.
Just trying to understand the whole meaning of that particular word when I first learned about the album title.
No, I'm not being a music critic, just a normal curious
person fangirl.
and nopeeee, not really going to review or comment in details about the album in this post.

But rather, suddenly have the urge to type whatever I had in mind now, all thanks to me reading through some commentors comment about Japonism album in some site. typical me

You see, being one of the older fangirl, my preference is still towards their old pieces; "Here We Go" , "How's it Going?" , "Iza, Now!" for instance.
But that's just me being nostalgic. Older stuff always have this precious feeling isn't it.
Plus how I was soo young back then, so anything that was embedded in my mind then was very memorable, gives quite an impact.
I mean, as you grow older, it's quite difficult for some stuff to "penetrate" into your mind. To surprise you, to WOW you. That appealing factor. Well, that's for me anyway. I'm getting bitter as I grow older. Life always has it way. - . -
That's why I always longed for those old pieces.
I'm just saying people have different preference. and preference change over time.
How I used to find saxphone sound less-appealing when I was a kid, but not anymore as years passed by, for example.

Having said that however, (how I love their old releases) I always find it interesting with each releases (album) they had now.
It's just that it's quite unfortunate that everytime they releases something, I was busy with life so I sidetrack them sometimes.
Like how I missed some other album by few monthssssssss. So... never had the opportunity to write down what I feel about it.
Thus explained why I'm posting this now.

Because fortunately, this time around it was the rightttt time thank you! Wohoooo! = . =V
Like seriously, after listening to Japonism, it sure feels like "man... the boys are all grown up"
Like a mom watching over their kids growing up.
Yes! They are definitely mature with each releases. and I'm not hating it!
People cannot be forever stick to old pieces (jazzy, rock-ish, cheerful sound-song)
Which I really find that Japonism album has some great quality to it.
As usual, I tend to like some songs better after I have watched live concert.
But for now I can say that there are some songs that are very appealing to me already.
and don't get me started with "Akatsuki". I can already imagine O-chan in kimono in my mind with leaves falling down. I'm imagining it was Autumn, red/brown-ish background. It was THATTTTTT beautiful. I was in a total zen mode while listening to it.

Despite whatever blabbering I just made up here, which some may have no connection at all (my mind is a bit all over the place now)
the whole point of this post is just to say that:

"Japonism album, I approved!"

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